Dealing of 330 AC


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Dealing Information

Date December 19th, 330 AC
Participants Farrowhalt Freehold
Veddel Markwell
Michael Avleston
• (Dalan I Karthmere was already deceased at the time of the Dealing)

Lord Paramouncies of Andoras House Grimolt
House Karthmere
Tyralt Karthmere and Malric Markwell were present in the place of House Karthmere House Stenwulf
House Brackwater
House Stone

Kingdom of Andoras
Aegor IV Dragomyr
• Other Andorasi diplomats

City-States of Doras Edrossi

Location Pryiore Villa, Meyron
Overseer Naimen Dolore


Main theme(s) • The 326 AC rebellion; if the war would be ended by a treaty at the Dealing like the Treaty of Lavos to end the War of Woods; reasons for rebellion as told by the Farrowhalt Freehold government leaders
Secondary theme(s) • The possible colonization of Denemd, the mysterious island in the north which has never had any known inhabitants, or any of which have been killed by unknown means

The Dealing of 330 AC was the fourteenth Dealing, a political meeting of minds, and particularly notable for the only Dealing that ever featured the controversial rebel government of the Farrowhalt Freehold as one of its participants. A moving speech was given by Michael Avleston at this Dealing towards the end of the affairs, just two weeks before he would be captured with his compatriot and fellow con-crownist Veddel Markwell and executed exactly five years after the Farmers' Revolution began, on January 19th, 331 AC.


While not particularly influential as a Dealing, as the Farmers' Revolution was almost guaranteed to fail for the Farrowhalt Freehold rebels, peace had not been officially declared and the Freehold remained as an existing government-in-exile, and Veddel Markwell and Michael Avleston, who had gone in hiding, attended the Dealing, knowing that peacekeepers would not allow a conflict to be brought on its grounds and any attempt to capture them would result in a swift reaction. They were still mourning the death of their friend and military leader, Dalan I Karthmere, who had died in the Six-Day-Siege just three weeks prior. All Freeholder territory had been fully retaken three or four days prior to the Dealing, meaning that the Freehold now only existed in name. Michael Avleston made sure to cite this in his speech, which is still considered one of the most heartfelt speeches to ever be spoken at a Dealing;
Very few of you truly realize the fight that has transpired, being so far away from the shores of Thyllanor or the mountains of the Moonlyt Peaks. Andoras is covered in blood; no doubt the Paragons can see it from their dominion and frown in response. But, I tell you, we do not need to shed blood any longer. The tyranny of the Kingdom of Andoras has finally caught up to the Freehold's meager, yet capable forces. No one, not even I, expected a physical war to last this long. Our spirit and stamina have paved a way through the true foe, and no doubt the kingdom of corruption and deceit has felt the effects. We have fought for nearly five long years for a cause we believe is just. Not only do we promise to escape the tyranny that King Aegor Dragomyr's presence merely invites, we promise to make the world fairer for all. We envision a world in which the common peasant, if he is determined to be of able mind and spirit, can rise in society to do what he was meant for, whatever that may be. It is similar to the practice you observe here in Meyron, except m ore liberal. You require that your leaders and members of state be adult males who own property. We envision, as well, a world of diversity. Not to be judged by your appearance or background, but by your skills and contributions to society. It may be true that we have lost our closest ally, the lord Dalan Karthmere to the flames of the dragon Vhalax's breath, but we shall not falter in our deigned victory. You may claim that you have won, Dragomyr, but the world shall truly see you for the tyrant you are regardless of the events that transpire from hereon. You are condemned to live a life of ruling in fear, while at the same time in fear of your own subjects. You have already seen what they are capable of in the time of today; you are coming to realize that not everyone can simply be pushed around as if lambs to a slaughter. No, for if we are captured and executed, the spirit of the revolution will not die. It lives on in the heart of con-crownism and in the heart of all who believe in what that is just and who vilify that which has the title King of Andoras. A weak man can hide behind his crown and burn a city to the ground and decimate another, and an even weaker man will continue to do so. Mark my words carefully, Dragon, and let it be known to all of you; a man like Aegor Dragomyr the fourth will not cease his evil deeds until he is done justice by the universal law. Perhaps, may the Freehold live on, if only in your hearts. A physical war may be out of the question at this time, but the psychological war, the war of minds, that will always persist. Thank you for your time.
- The full speech given by Michael Avleston in the Pryiore Villa of Meyron during the Dealing of 330 AC regarding the cause that he and Markwell fight for with the Farrowhalt Freehold

The speech, while not particularly long at just over 500 words, was spoken with prose and dignity, and some at the Dealing even recall Avleston getting emotional towards the end of it. This speech alone changed the opinion of the Dragomyrs across the sea, even leading some to call them 'pretenders' and other derogatory terms. This speech was certainly the highlight of the Dealing of 330 AC, but the other discussion, the colonization of Denemd, the island to the far north of both Andoras and Doras Edrossi, was also an interesting topic.

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