Pryiore Villa in Meyron, where all Dealings are held

The Dealing system, a traditonal, international political meeting of minds held every five years, was instituted by 1st Premier Victor Damius of Lavos on December 16, 265 AC -- the third Tuesday of December -- while in a delegation with other influential world leaders in the city of Meyron; particularly, in the Pryiore Villa. The delegation was mainly called together to avoid another Inferno Wars-like conflict, with tensions mounting between the city-states, and to make matters worse, the Zaentovi were encroaching on the northern borders. Upon realizing that several problems were able to be relayed, analyzed, and solved quite quickly with so much power located in one location and forced to deal with it at hand, it was agreed that such a delegation should be held every five years to determine the current state of events and make amends if necessary. This delegation became known as the first "Dealing".

Normally, such a system would never hold weight just because of a diplomat's penny for his thoughts, but due to Damius's incredible reputation and steel-strong relations with nearly everyone on either continents at the time, his word meant a significant lot, remaining as a tradition and continuing to this day. Eventually, the official goal of the Dealings was adopted as "to establish world peace and kindle good relations among the diverse cultures and peoples of Andoras and Doras Edrossi." Dealings were made part of Meyronian law for the first time officially in 309 AC, making the Dealings more than just tradition.

Dealings are always held in the Pryiore Villa in Meyron, and always begin on the third Tuesday of December, keeping the spirit of the original meeting alive. Participants in a Dealing typically come wearing a simple hooded robe, in keeping with the tone of simplicity. Famous breakers of this rule are Aegor IV Dragomyr, who came to the Dealing of 330 AC wearing an exquisite robe and his crown to the meeting. This is frowned upon and seen as inconsiderate, although due to the constant encouragement of good diplomacy, most rulers will try to tolerate it.

While attending a Dealing, rulers are allowed to dwell in the Pryiore Villa, which as a large building, is sufficiently large enough to carry at least 500 people comfortably in bedrooms or guest rooms. All maids and servants move outside to their own special quarters built for the Dealing during the procedures. The huge stables built within the gardens are equipped to hold an equal amount of horses.

The 2nd Premier of Meyron, while not explicitly required to be the overseer of a Dealing, has been unbroken tradition, and all men elected to the position of 2nd Premier in Meyron are elected for their diplomatic skills. There have been seventeen Dealings since the creation of the event, and the eighteenth one, the Dealing of 350 AC, will be held on December 15, 350 AC. Several world leaders are expected to be in attendance, including Dalan Karthmere and his family, Byron Grimolt, most city-state leaders, and perhaps even the elusive Taeronys Dragomyr, who is still believed to be dead by many and has not made a public appearance since his disappearance at the end of the Andorasi Civil War. The previous Dealing, of 345 AC, was considered one of the first Dealings that 'failed' in its purpose, when a heated debate between Aegor IV Dragomyr and other rulers who were critics of his reign only helped contribute to sparking the beginning of the 346 AC rebellion just four months later.

Dealings are a long delegation, but they have wavered in time since their inception in 265 AC. The original Dealings were only about a day to three days long. In recent history, Dealings have been longer, about five or six days, extending into a week or perhaps even longer. The Dealing of 310 AC, which centered around ending the War of Woods (293 AC) and signing the Treaty of Lavos, was the longest Dealing, lasting two weeks long. The Zaentovi apparently delayed proper diplomacy until they felt the time was right, still feeling they could win the war by a surprise ambush at the Dealing itself. Upon hearing of this, the Zaentovi were banned from the Dealings and could not come on their own whim unless specifically invited. They have only been at the Dealing of 345 AC ever since.

Unlike typical political summits, Dealing treaties are shaped by the debate in the Dealing itself; a speaking session could double as a substantial amount of evidence in support to one's claim, and regardless of which way the Dealing council sways, all retorts, speeches and clauses are included in the treaty, as a transcript; one notable example is from the Treaty of Farrowhalt, from the Dealing of 330 AC -- one of the longest treaties in Dealing history, it featured significant amounts of debate from all sides, and all of it was included in the treaty.

List of Dealings

Every dealing, from the first one in 265 AC to the one upcoming in 350 AC, is listed below, along with their proper treaty if applicable.:

Dealing of 265 AC

Dealing of 270 AC

Dealing of 275 AC

Dealing of 280 AC

Dealing of 285 AC

Dealing of 290 AC

Dealing of 295 AC

Dealing of 300 AC

Dealing of 305 AC

Dealing of 310 AC - Treaty of Lavos

Dealing of 315 AC

Dealing of 320 AC

Dealing of 325 AC

Dealing of 330 AC - Treaty of Farrowhalt

Dealing of 335 AC

Dealing of 340 AC

Dealing of 345 AC - Treaty of Drakonius

Dealing of 350 AC

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