The County of South Branbladia is a county in northeastern Gardoria. Noted mostly for its size, the County is incredibly small at just barely over 24 square miles large, and is the smallest vassal state in Gardoria. Its density, however, is the highest at 71 people per square mile. Its 1,700 individuals press on, content to live their life in their own region. Crase Shamil, a Gardorian-Wetlander, chose to move to his father's homeland in 310 AC and soon became invested in its people. He sees the confederations of which there are so many in Gardoria as wastes, and that Gardoria would be much better invested in all of its vassals being represented instead of just one heading the others. This was part of the reason he started the movement to leave the confederation, and another likeminded ruler, Derold Terabathi, followed in their footsteps as the County of North Branbladia.

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