Early History

Manewall was a singular entity in the Kingsland under the Daytons for eras, the county was always safe because of it's exquisite vineyards, which exported Moran Wine to every last count and duke in the region, and even to the other Kingdoms. Manewall life has always been luxurious for it's rulers and nobles, and average for it's citizens, who profited little from the wine they made.

Manewall has not actually been ruled by House Moran for it's entirety, in truth the House only took power in the fifth era, but the House has always been a heavy position of influence and wealth, as it owned the Vineyards that thrived Manewall's economy so. 

Recent History

In 5E 128, Eduard Sewick had taken both the County of Theirin and Rolor the Manewall's south, and now demanded Manewall swear fealty to the rapidly forming Duchy. Count Malas Errin refused, launching Manewall into a war with the upstart nation, underestimating Eduard Sewick's ability to rally those he had just conquered. As the armies of Sewick and Lane rode into Manewall, House Moran betrayed House Errin, and allowed the armies to pass through their vineyards and lands unhalted, allowing them to skip straight to the capitol. 

House Errin marshalled all it's forces within the city, refusing to give it peacefully, forcing the Sewicks and Lanes to begin a siege. Rather than wait for reinforcements from the recently conquered provinces, the Sewick army launched it's assault on the city, a three-day battle ensued over control of the city. Count Errin's forces lost, but it was a close defeat, the casualties inflicted to the armies of Sewick and Lane putting a halt to Eduard's conquests, and ensuring that Manewall would be the last province he took by force for some time.

The forces of Manewall were revered for their courage in this battle by their conquerors, and Eduard was merciful with House Errin, sparing them but revoking their titles. House Moran was allowed to take the title of Count, in return the county would pay heavy taxes towards the new Dukedom of Caden. The people of Manewall were acceptive of their new overlords, the lands had gone mostly unscarred thanks to the compliance of House Moran, but House Errin would hold their bitter attitude with Moran, Sewick, and Lane until the family went extinct in the seventh era. 


On 7E 32, House Sewick was in a greatly poor state, a consistent famine ravaging the countryside for years, leaving Manewall unscathed. With almost no money, the Sewick's had no way to import food into the Duchy, leading many to believe a small civil war would occur. However, the Count of Moran made a very clever offer, offering House Sewick the entire standing fortune of House Moran if they'd grant Manewall it's independence. This would give House Sewick the money it needed to import food and keep Caden's army employed until the famine ended, and would give House Moran it's former luxuries of independence back, mostly not having to pay taxes towards the Sewicks. House Sewick accepted desperately,  and the County of Manewall was granted it's independence.

Modern History

On 8E 314, Bogdan Sewick declared a war of full annexation against Manewall, riding into the lands and ignoring all bribes and diplomatic offers from the ruling House Moran. His soldiers enacted scorched earth, burning Manewall's vineyards and farms, ransacking it's villages and people. Most of the villages in Manewall surrendered quickly, not wanting to share the fate, and Bogdan's forces surrounded the capitol of Elorin.

Count Evan Moran pleaded his surrender to the hostile forces, and Bogdan pretended to accept, the gates of Elorin being opened. Once they were, Bogdan ordered his forces to charge into the city and sack it, his soldiers burning homes and stealing goods, leaving the city a flaming wreck of it's former self. 

Reparations and Recovery

Manewall struggled to rebuild it's lands and Elorin for many years after Bogdan's crimes, and only found true success with the help of Gabryel Sewick, who extended both funds and food to Manewall's people in an olive branch. Count Evan, not one to submit to pride, gratefully accepted the charity, allowing Manewall's people to survive and peacefully rebuild what it once was.

The County of Manewall had all but returned to what it once was, with a few memorials and even a statue of Gabryel Sewick outside Elorin, though it had yet to return to the prosperity it had before it's short war. The County would live peacefully under Gabryel Sewick's entire rule, and not much would change until 8E 346.

Suit for Independence

During the 346 AC rebellion, Count Syr Moran, son of Evan, used the rebellion to leverage Manewall's independence from the Duchy of Caden. Surprisingly, Manewall was once more granted it's independence from it's liege, and a war was avoided. This would be Manewall's second peaceful separation from Caden, though the ruling duchess, Catina Sewick, warned that it would not last long.

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