In the times of Old Edrane, the Council of Day was made up of almost a hundred counts, minor and major. The Council's purpose was to democratically make decisions for the entire nation based on a majority vote. 

The Council voted to elect House Tyseth, the largest and most influential of Counts, to become Edrane's new monarchs. Also, many of Edrane's counties were integrated together into large duchies, and the Council of Day was now reformed.


The Council of Day now serves as a more typical Royal Council for the ruler of Edrane, membership is considered a great honor and one of the highest ambitions attainable within Edrane.


The Council of Day has six positions available, which are as follows. 

Grand Diplomat Cyrin Tyseth

Cyrin Tyseth

The second son of Dessar Tyseth, Cyrin is the primary negotiator in foreign affairs. When Edrane's presence is requested of required by foreign nobles, (Andorasi or Edrossian) Cyrin is the one to appear. Though, in times of war or specific danger, a less valued messenger is typically sent with instructions from Cyrin. As of late, his diplomatic duties have had Cyrin travelling to Gardoria and Thyllanor to work on mending ties with the two nations and Edrane. 

Grand General Felyx Asperro

Felyx Asperro

The former Captain of the Army of the Sun, Duke Felyx Asperro is now Edrane's Grand General. During peacetime, he travels between Erebel and Coil often, staying in either city for a few months before returning. As of now, he is residing within Deyn Palace in Coil, alongwith the rest of the Councilors of Day and the ruling family. As Grand General, his primary duties involve keeping track of Edrane's manpower and military, ensuring that they are ready to be marshalled should war erupt. He also provides war advice to the ruler of Edrane when necessary.

Grand Treasurer Terique Malierd

Terique Malierd

Duke Terique Malierd serves as Grand Treasurer of Edrane, in charge of everything internal economy. His duties include keeping track of the Crown's treasury, making sure taxes are properly levied, and negotiating foreign trade. He often accompanies the Grand Diplomat, Cyrin Tyseth, on foreign affairs that involve trade or commerce. 

Grand Spymistress Luvai Esson


Duchess Luvai Esson is the current Grand Spymistress, her duties rely on keeping Edrane as spy free as possible, while also working to reveal plots within. Most members of the council are ignorant as to the Grand Spymistress' actions and location, she tends to only show up only when summoned by Dessar Tyseth, or during council meetings.

Grand Archivist Adunio Udion

Adus Udion
Count Adunio Udion is Edrane's Grand Archivist, a role considered least important by most council members. The Grand Archivist is charged with Edrane's Historical Guild, which owns almost all of the libraries and education institutes within the Kingdom. Within almost every Edranish city was an academy that anyone (with the right amount of money) could send their children to for education, and Adus was the head management behind every one.

Grand Advisor Adamus Saviere

Adamus Saviere

The personal advisor to Dessar Tyseth, Adamus Saviere's main duty is to advise him when requested. Adamus is known to take his position seriously, to the disparagement of the other councilors, and is especially prideful when the ruler finds his advice useful. Adamus also acts as the court steward, informing Dessar Tyseth of incoming visitors, delivering envoys, and managing the palace's quarters.

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