Even ruins are hard to come by in Corcivaetas; most buildings were simply reduced to ash
Vital statistics
Type City (former)


Level  ??
Location West of Dragonspire City
Inhabitants 0
Corcivaetas, or sometimes jokingly referred to after its destruction as Little Drakonia, was a relatively large city just a few miles west of Dragonspire City, which was completely destroyed and burnt to the ground in what is still called the worst single event of mass murder to ever be committed; the Destruction of Corcivaetas resulted in the death of nearly a million and a half people in just three days, destroying the entire city and resulting in pyrrhic casualties for both sides of the rebels and the loyalists in the 346 AC rebellion. The damage was such that just four years later, only the last flames have been said to stop burning. Going to where Corcivaetas was in present day is said to resemble that of a great star descending upon the earth; a smoking seared crater and the occasional ruined foundation or chip of a building is all that remains.
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