The Confederation of the Trythos is a confederation in Gardoria, and one of the highest populated areas in the lord paramouncy. The confederation is named for the Trythos River, and most former counties and duchies in the confederation are considered part of its watershed. To that end, the Confederation is very important farmland, and so these vassals joined together for an altogether different reason than defense; self-interest, and potential economic payout for forming a union with each other. Over time, this seems to have paid off, and the confederation is not only fertile, but also prosperous. This region, however, lacks the traditional Gardorian ironwood forest which covers the nation; this is due to human interaction and horticulture, however, and the environment is perfectly capable of growing these trees.

Over 100,000 people call the Confederation their home, and it is one of the largest such vassals of Gardoria entirely. House Blackedge has traditionally been deemed the head of the confederation since its founding in 196 AC, and currently Gryge Blackedge rules the land; he is named after Gryge of the Dermii, the legendary war hero, conqueror of the Gardorian tribes, and progenitor of House Dermond.

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