The Confederation of the Branblades is a confederation in Gardoria, composed of 15 separate vassals of Gardoria joining under one banner; formerly, the counties of North and South Branbladia were part of the Confederation, but both left in 323 AC following a heritage dispute.

One of the oldest such confederations, the Branblades have traditionally held immense regional power in the northeast of Gardoria, sometimes being akin to House Dermond themselves. As loyal vassals on the eastern border, they provide a large deal of what makes up a long line of defense from the County of North Branbladia, where they border The Wetlands and the Kingsland all the way south to the Duchy of Lastrock, where they border Edrane. Unusually militaristic for a typically isolate nation, the Branblades stand out as an example of aggressive defense; especially in present day, when Dalan Karthmere wages the War of Embers and threaten's Gardoria's integrity with each passing day.

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