The Confederation of Beland is a confederation in western Gardoria founded in 254 AC by Basel Countliss, the former Duke of Beland before it united with six counties on the coast and formed a confederation. The Confederation is notable for being one of the primary producers of naval vessels of Gardoria, as sparse as they might be compared to other lord paramouncies. It also boasts the only major navy in Gardoria, with 800 hands on deck, enough to commandeer a small defensive fleet. Beland, like its neighbor and similar Confederation of the Trythos, is in the Trythos River watershed, and it is in Beland that it weaves through and empties into the sea. As a result, Beland is similarly populated and nearly as dense as the Trythos, with about 94,000 people calling this region their home.

House Countliss has been the head of the confederation since its inception, as is traditional in Gardoria. House Countliss is also notable for producing a number of world-class stewards, and some of them have even ventured out of Gardoria to better serve their talents to a higher lord.

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