War of Embers (349 AC - )

Ceryno-Raunerrian Tensions

March 19th, 350 AC








House Hunsen
House Grimolt

House Taranyon


Byron Grimolt
Tristan Hunsen

Magister Tragello
Varen Taranyon

The Ceryno-Raunerrian Border Tensions, also known as the Cerynian Border Incident, is an ongoing potential conflict between the independent Lord Paramouncy of Raunerre and the City-State of Ceryne, over Shoremen encroachment onto the city-state's claimed land. This conflict has led to the death (albeit isolated) of hundreds along with the death of Patrician Daen Loros's son, a highly influencial Cerynian noble.


The curious and highly ambitious Shoremen of Raunerre have made other city-states and even the Zaentovi suspicious through their perceived imperialism and expansionism, though most just ignore the paramouncy, and House Grimolt by extension. Ceryne naturally isn't a city-state that so happily ignores encroachment onto their territory; in fact, one could call Ceryne the least-forgiving out of all city-states.

During a seemingly normal day in the market of the town of Eagilton -- a Shoremen port settlement that is notoriously close to the most western point in Cerynian Deimia's shoreline borders -- the peasants and simple shopkeepers began to move their goods further into Cerynian territory, due to the fact the tides kept getting higher. A festival was also scheduled for the week ahead, and there was a desire to hold it inland in case of preventing any potential disaster from high tide occurring. This led to disputes with Cerynian merchants and citizens, who live on the other side of the border, as well in their own village called Montecalvo. Magister Tregello had already warned the Shoremen to stop the senseless encroachment, or face aggressive contact. This did not stop riots from happening, and a full-scale street brawl occurred between the two bordering villages.

Nelis Loros, son of Daen Loros, was killed by being stabbed by a Shoremen woman during one of these riots, and in return, the Cerynese Low-Drakonian population retaliated by torching half of Eagilton and violently killing any Shoremen settlers they could find. This then led to the Magister to call for the deportation of all Shoremen bordering Cerynian lands with no exceptions, and those who refused would be imprisoned and considered political prisoners. The noble patrician houses are already calling for war and for the head of any Grimolt that sets foot onto Ceryne's land, and all of Eagilton has been vacated in fear of another attack. Its citizens have flocked to nearby Strikeshore, which is the administrative center of all Shoreman lands on Deimia. War certainly seems impending, but Raunerre might be dealing with Ceryne as well as Thyllanor in the War of Embers.

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