Ceryne is as close to old Drakonia as we can get. It's a shame our people are a dying breed.
approx. 500,000+ within city, 1.7 million within nation
House Tregello - reigning
House Ceryne - founder, extinct
The Dragonlord - primary
The Five Paragons - small minority
Considerably strong, equipment composed of modern interpretations of old Drakonian armor and weaponry. Strongest Navy in Doras Edrossi
Places of note
Da Palaz

Gavarex's Rest
Cathedral of the Dragonlord
Da Merkatia

Da Bacinia
Date of founding
7,855 B.C
7,855 years
Ceryne is one of the most powerful city-states and the home to Cerynian Low Drakonians. It lies along the coast Northwest of the Drakonian Peninsula and is considered the closest thing to Drakonia during its imperial reign. They are a very wealthy city-state, thriving on trading across the White Sea and beyond. It is currently ruled by Malos Tregello and his house.

History and Overview

Ceryne emerged as a city about seven thousand years ago, founded by Valiha Ceryne in 7,855 BC, who gave the city her name to bear. She is believed to have been a sorceress, living until 212 and appearing youthful throughout. She is said to have given the city of Ceryne a special 'allure' to draw immigration to her city, which was extremely successful; the city of Ethromaia was almost completely abandoned in favor of Ceryne. This allure, as a magic aura, is said to still persist today, which is often cited as the reason that Ceryne is the most popular city-state.

Ceryne has been a refuge for those of Drakonian descent since the Dragon Wars. Most of the inhabitants are of Low-Drakonian descent, basically meaning that their bloodline has thinned since the fall of Drakonia due to intermingling with other cultures. There are also a considerable amount of pure Drakonians left that reside in Ceryne.


Ceryne is located on the coast northwest of the Drakonian Peninsula, as well as south of the Wailing Wilds. Ceryne is one of the largest port cities in the known world and maintains trade with multiple city-states and Andoras itself. The river Vyseri flows through the city and meets the sea from the rolling hills. Ceryne is known for it's frequent rain and stormy conditions, recieving the tropical storms from the rather close Drakonian Peninsula, but it can be quite warm if the sun lies overhead unhindered by the clouds. Ceryne is the closest city-state to the Drakonian peninsula.

Places of Note

  • Da Palaz: On a cliff overlooking the Silver Tides rests the largest structure in Ceryne, where the Magister of Ceryne makes his home. It is one of the marvels of Ceryne and a popular site for festivities and leisure. It is said that there are tunnel systems below the Palaz that hold ancient artifacts from old Drakonia but they are said to be only rumors.
  • Gavarex's Rest: A statue representing Gavarex rests in the middle of Ceryne. Mother's often tell their children that the statue was once a dragon who had petrified into stone and remained in city since the Age of Legends. The true fate of Gavarex is still unknown to this day but even still, it is a glorious piece of Drakonian craft that is a sight to behold.
  • Cathedral of the Dragonlord: The cathedral is a large, said to have been standing since the founding of Ceryne. It gleams brightly when the sun rises above the clouds, the building itself was built with similar materials that Aegor I himself used to build Drakonia when it still stood. Clearly, the Dragonlord religion is practiced here by the Cerynese and it serves as one of the few remaining Dragonlord shrines in Doras Edrossi.
  • Da Merkatia: Located in near Gavarex's Rest, this grand marketplace is bustling with goods and peoples from around Doras Edrossi and Andoras too. Fine clothes and silks are an icon of Cerynese culture, noblemen are known for exotic fashions made by Cerynese tailors. The market is always rich with wares and product but this can depend on weather conditions.
  • Da Bacinia: Ceryne is said to have one of the largest harbors in Doras Edrossi. Depending on weather conditions, it is always seemingly bustling with life. Ships flying colors of the lands beyond come and go from the harbor.


The city-state is ruled by a magister, a high lord who takes the responsibility of administration of the law and control over the city. He is also responsible for delivering verdicts of tried criminals who are judged in court. Overall, he is responsible for the well-being of the city and the stability of its denizens relies solely on the Magister. At one point, Ceryne was elective but was changed by House Tregello after several terms in office.

House Tregello has ruled in Ceryne off and on since the 5th Era. They have linked their bloodline back to Drakonia, they mostly consist of Low Drakonian descent, but they are much more blooded than most.

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