Caelthon Taranyon
Lord of the Taranyon Estate, Patriarch of House Taranyon
Also known as
Died December 16, 201 (aged 67)
Date of birth
June 134
Portrayed by
Caelthon Taranyon, born Caelthon of Arola (c. June 134 - December 16, 201) was a former adventurer and traveler who went from being literally penniless, to finding the Dragonsteel Mine and being the first one to participate in the Dragonsteel Mine crisis, returning to his homeland of Meyron with over fifty pounds of Dragonsteel, of which he sold most of and made an ancestral weapon out of the rest. His sudden discovery of this much dragonsteel and the subsequent selling of it all temporarily inflated the market, and Caelthon jumped in status from a simple adventurer living off of sustenance to the richest man in Doras Edrossi, and perhaps all of Drakonius.

As time has passed, little has become known of Caelthon's personal life. He had a wife named Selva, whom bore him two children; Dayla, who went on to give birth to the House Varanyon cadet branch, and Juvius, who started an unbroken male line all the way to the current day patriarch, Varen Taranyon. He died at the age of 67 in his newly-built Taranyon Estate, which was one of the few properties not owned by the government within the Meyron city proper. He bought the land in 170 AC and the main villa was completed by 174. Around the age of 67 in 201 AC, he died peacefully in the same villa, and left behind his wealth to Juvius, who continued the family name.

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