The Duke of Ortennia

The ruler of Ortennia, Caden Hewler, is a folkhero among his people. Paraded as the hero that defended Anclare from foreign invasion, he earned this revered reputation for his harsh offensive against the former Duchy of Sintair. Annexing the lands of Ortennia and uniting the region for the first time in centuries, Lord Caden recreated the old title of Ortennia. 


Towering above the average man at six foot two, Caden is broad-shouldered and heavily scarred. Fiery red hair and a medium lengh, bristled beard gave him a wild look that was only tempered by his calm blue eyes. Heavily scarred, his once firm face was marred by what looked like two sword strikes that had cut across his face.

Rarely is he seen without a yellow and red colored fly plaid over his shoulder, he wears his armor on every occasion outside of his chambers, earning him the moniker 'Steelcoat'. The sword at his waist had a bright brass hilt with a dark red jewel for its pommel.

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