The Broken Cloaks
Motto: "Physical tatters heed nothing to mental matters"
HeadquartersSomewhere in the slums of Lavos
Official language(s) Lavosi, Drakonian, Common Tongue
Ethnic groups  Lavosi, Thysian, Meyronian
 -  Leader Jorry 'Lavos'
 -  Right Hand 'Ser' Garryt
 -  Left Hand Kallum Resno
Establishment c. 175 AC
The Broken Cloaks were a street gang of notable renown in Lavos, rising to prominence during the Lavosi Gang Wars, a war which they technically won, had the Lavosi government (led by fledgling Premier Victor Damius, who would later become famous in his own right) not put down the fight. They were the longest lasting Lavosi street gang, finally being eliminated and their headquarters burned at the turn of the 3rd century AC. By 301 AC, the Broken Cloaks were no more. On the other hand, the two rival gangs they fought in the gang wars, the Caravan of Wonders and the Shattered Brotherhood* had died out in approximately 240 and 260 AC, respectively.

Their most famous leaders, a triumvirate referred to as the 'Odd Three' was formed behind Jorry 'Lavos', 'Ser' Garryt and Kallum Resno.

*= The Shattered Brotherhood had never truly died out, but in 260 AC the ruling family of the Brotherhood, the Mantols, were killed by their own men and replaced by a council of the occult. The Shattered Brotherhood no longer exists as a gang, but it exists as an obscure cult. More about that on the Shattered Brotherhood page.

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