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The Bogdwellers, also known as the Farragh'lochn or (Farragh's Chosen) in the native Alettonic language of the region, are a sub-culture of Wetlanders whom are in return, a subculture of mostly Aletton origin found only in the deepest marshes of The Wetlands. They are known an extremely superstitious, strange, and abnormally violent people and are the main reason as to why Gardorians despise the Wetlanders as a whole, though the two cultures of the region are as far apart from each-other as the world and stars above.



Little is known of the Bogdwellers as a people, though it is speculated they, like the modern day Wetlanders, are natives of Andoras and are some of the best examples of pure to near-pure Aletton heritage, due to the fact that theres never been a successful immigration in the Wetlands of Edrossian people, and the fact the land has never been conquered for more then a few years due to the savage and untamed landscape.

A popular theory among scholars of the strange inhabitants is that the Bogdwellers are what remains of pre-historical and pre-fuedal Aletton-Wetlander society due to the fact that their religion, language, and culture is so ancient that most Wetlanders only know snippets if any. What is known for a fact is the Bogdwellers are abnormally aggressive to outsiders and have otherworldly customs, such as human sacrifice and offering every third newborn to effigies of an odd horned deity they appear to worship only known as' Farragh'

Language, culture, and customs


The Bogdweller's do speak a pre-edrossian language, which is thought to be a form of an archaic Wetlander-Alettonic dialect that has mostly faded into obscurity. Some phrases and verses of the language has been translated into small scriptures and is a hotbed of debate for linguists as to what Aletton languages sounded like as a whole, but not much is known else due to how secretive the people are.

Their religion appears to be a form of polytheism involved with the darker aspects of nature, such as death and decay, and it appears that the patron-deity of this strange form of paganism is an individual known only as 'Farragh' whose name can be roughly translated as 'The Demon of the Fen'. Farragh is associated with everything relating from death, to disease, to chaos as a whole, so much so that the customs demand he be given sacrifices of living beings and be offered every third newborn babe of a Bogdweller family. A common form of religious execution is forcing a deer or elk skull on the head of the sacrifice and covering their body with feces, honey, and or rotten scraps of food in order to attract the carnivorous insects to devour the victim slowly over the course of a few days, a practice of early scaffolding.