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Second Era

The Army of the Sun was created by King Deyn Tyseth I in an effort to further organize Edrane's military, as well as generate income and more soldiers. The Army of the Sun was theorized as a unifying project between Doras Edrossi and Andoras, in an attempt to solidify the friendly relations between the Edranish and it's Edrossi friends. 

General History

The Army of the Sun has been recalled whenever Edrane found itself in an inter-country conflict, but not during the Paragon's Revolt. It has been recalled to Andoras as recently as 346 AC, when the respective rebellion turned the provinces against each other. During the Civil War, the Army of the Sun was captained by Roger Malierd, a member of House Malierd and a prominent officer from Edrane's military. Roger Malierd fell in the conflict, and was replaced with Felyx Asperro of House Asperro. However, when Felyx Asperro recently inherited the Duchy of Estania, the captainship fell to a branch-member of House Asperro, Hynri Asperro.

Army of Mercenaries


The Army of the Sun is a hybrid between a mercenary company and a standing army, serving the Princedom of Edrane. A great majority of the Army is stationed overseas, in Doras Edrossi, and acts as a hiring mercenary company. Citizens of Doras Edrossi can enlist with the Army of the Sun and, after five years of service, receive official pardon to purchase land in Edrane. This is encouragement to further bolster Edrane's population, economy, and manpower, and for a long time has been successful in doing so.


The Army of the Sun follows the standard organization of Edrane's Corps, the 40,000 man strong force has the same command structure to Edrane's field army, and is led by a General. It has the make of any normal army, balancing cavalry, infantry, archers, and siege units alike, with a leaning towards heavy and light infantry. Being named General of the force is considered an honor, and it is a title Edranish noble houses usually vie for. 

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