This is a copy of an original document stored within the Cerynian archives, dated 9621 ADC (682 BC). The copy was received in 288 AC and is now preserved in the Dragonspire Library in Andoras. One of the last known surviving documents that makes an allusion to Magopurism, and/or the thought-dreamers of the Empire. ACCESS PERMITTED BY THE UNANIMOUS EXPRESS CONSENT OF THE DEALING COUNCIL ONLY

Document translated from the Drakonin language with the assistance of Jaemis Curthon, court scholar of Ceryne

This one's too far gone, Aerale. I've tried getting everything I could out of him, but it seems we're going to have to mark this one down as a lost cause as well. All I could get out of him was a rant about 'false inputs' and a hierarchy of progressively stronger supreme beings, of which the Dragonlord is apparently only a figurehead in the grand scheme. His philosophy turned from abstract nothingness to stark raving madness, and we had to terminate the analysis. The third one this month, and still nothing to show for it....


Thought-dreamer analysis subject #23

Setting: A dour house in Salythis

Subject: Stremagi Fysius Quhaleon

Result: Failure

Detailed analysis below.

Analyzers are Strezici Amara Aelys and Tuvelys Durveni, referred to from hereon by initials AA and TD.



AA: We haven't been formally introduced, Fysius. My name is Amara Aelys, and this is my colleague Tuvelys Durveni. We are members of the --

Subject: (Subject interrupts with a dismissive hand, nonchalantly.) I know who you are. Continue.

AA: Typical of other thought-dreamers; inherent clairvoyance from the get-go. Well, statistically, he definitely follows the trend to have undergone a thought-dream. Care to take it from here, Tuvelys?

TD: Sure thing. Do you know why you're here, Fysius?

Subject: Who is asking? There are an infinite number of potential answers. We are subject to His plan. All will be told in time. What you do now is inevitable, and preparation is necessary; perhaps not now, but the time approaches and your part must be played.

TD: Count that as avoiding the question. Do you know why you're here?

Subject: I do, in fact. The dream gave me my meaning. Do you? What purpose do you have meandering through this life without any true gauge of what really lurks beyond the veil? Would you find it content if I broke the barrier for you, and allowed you to see within to what is the Truth?

AA: Skipping the question -- Fysius, what did you see in your visions?

Subject: Everything.

AA: Be specific. Wars, prophecies, newfound magics, whatever it may be?

Subject: I remain stern on my stance.

AA: Would you care to explain, then?

Subject: I am still processing it myself. I feel (pause) as though I am not here on solid ground, before you. I am there, perhaps, but only in small doses. You would not understand lest you underwent the dream as I did. Look at my eyes. (It is to be noted that subject's eyes did not appear any different from normal expectations.) Can you not see the astral energy emitting from them, channeling into your consciousness?

AA: I feel nothing of the sort, though I'll take your word for it. What of this astral energy? Where does it come from, I mean?

Subject: My answer to the previous questions. Everything is part of us. We are energy. And when we die, not all is lost; you will need to consult a brother whose discourse was situated in conjuration to truly understand in ways you will be able to convey. Let this suffice; I know everything you know and more. I see into you and see who you are, what you have become, your self-expectations and every desire. And I know who you will become, in time. Hence is the power from which I draw.

TD: Now, let me ask -- the previous thought-dreamers who underwent the same ordeal as you mentioned something about "agents" (best translation available from Drakonin). Could you explain further what this is?

Subject: Within our reality lies those who He has directly appointed to serve in his stead though he cannot do it from his, shall we say, inopportune position. You may understand this when it is analogically compared to your studies as a magi. You recall when the seven core lessons of grasping magic were grouped into one to be better connotative, and to further hone in on what is actually being accomplished through your person. I shall say this, albeit out of fear of being misunderstood; what we know of the gods is a dictation of our five senses; believable, palpable, almost able to be touched with one's hand if you reached to the heavens. Surely the Dragonlord will not falter in his reciprocation, yes? Ah, but to reach out in the way that I and others of my ilk have will shatter any illusion you may have about the fact.

AA: You didn't answer the question; who, or what, are the agents?

Subject: Infinitesimal beings who come together to accomplish deeds in His name.

AA: Well, who is He?

Subject: He is.

AA: Does He have a name?

Subject: Look around you.

AA: Speaking in poetry will get you nowhere, Fysius. Who is He? Is He the Dragonlord?

Subject: The Dragonlord is but a pawn, yet a necessary one. You may be inclined to call him one of these agents, but he is somewhere in between, I see. Creation is a general, the agents footmen, and your Dragonlord a.. figurehead. (NOTE: In any other case, wouldn't this be considered treason to consider the Dragonlord inferior? Not sure if those laws apply in our situation. -Amara)

TD: Clearly you are a silver-tongued devil, or you truly do know much beyond our acumen. If the Dragonlord is a mere 'pawn', as you say, then who is his king?

Subject: You would do well to mind the distinction between a king and a general, Durveni. One rules (pause), but the other wages war. He is everything good, whereas our Dragonlord acts in his favor. Perhaps you would appreciate another analogy -- the viziers of the Haajidi Caliphate. Surely those caliphs cannot do everything on their own, no? They are much too busy speaking of their relatives who accomplished undoubtedly grand things such as being the first Haajidi to shake hands with a Vecysian and whatnot. No, whereas the caliphs are the base of the power, the vizier must hold it together. He is the caliph and the Dragonlord is the vizier.

TD: You should know by now that you can't simply leave a statement like that unexplained. Do you imply that beyond the Dragonlord's figureheaded nature there lies an even greater power?

Subject: Yes, and it is He.

TD: Are you intentionally avoiding the use of his name, for religious purposes, or do you truly not know?

Subject: I have just woken up from this, you must understand. Though I am coming to understand it all quite gradually, my foresight tells me it will be the last thing I know.

TD: Chalk that up to an unknown. To further cross-reference, I would show you this diagram. (Tuvelys Durveni then places a seemingly-randomly scribbled piece of paper, sketched out in a delirious haze by analysis subject #19. It appears to include an image of a human body, complete with anatomical structure, including certain points marked out and, where space permits, complex mathematical equations that border on the profane.) What is this?

Subject: Our perfections, of course. Can you not see? (Subject appears to be unaffected by the lack of completion in the writings, as if already aware of it.)

TD: I'm afraid I'm not that well versed in this area of study to simply solve it at first glance. Can you explain it to us?

Subject: This details how the quest for the correct input is... taxing, if you will, on the general. It has taken much time. Almost too much, I am afraid. Should it not be found, I fear all will vanish.

TD: Yes, yes -- but what does it actually mean?

Subject: Do you see how there is a space here, left open for any number? (Subject motioned to the areas where the brain and heart are, where a solution to these equations was seemingly left out while the others were accordingly solved.) What do you believe should go in these respective areas?

TD: I couldn't even begin to fathom.

AA: What are you trying to get at here, Fysius?

Subject: Well, I merely know that I do not know, and that is from where I take most comfort. But know that there were many like me before -- perhaps not here, but over there as I stated prior. I do not mean to undermine my own words; there were many*, but there will not be many after. (*Subject emphasized "many" -- perhaps this also refers to the 'millions of visionaries in ages past' that #11 brought up?)

TD: I noticed you pointed to the brain -- the mind, I assume -- when you were doing this. What of the heart, the soul?

Subject: Ah, but that is simple. We need not solve it, you see, for the answer lies within us. Not all of us, but all of us present in the room are close to the answer. We are very close; I can feel it.

AA: All of us in the room? As magi, as peers, as humans... what do you mean?

Subject: The blood of His soldiers, Aelys. We are gods amongst the insects, where no Andoras or Edrossi matters if we were supreme. We surely are, and this is right on course; I am excited at the prospect of perfection.

AA: So... dragons' blood? Our Drakonian heritage? You're at least the third dreamer to preach Drakonian superiority. Why is it so?

Subject: I preach the truth granted to me by Him. There were other champions yet, and perhaps heroes to guide them, prophets to teach them, but none of them were of His unique make. The others, they were made by... everything. (Subject once more motioned around the room, nodding curtly.) You surely feel it, don't you? There is a difference between us and them. Uniqueness gives way to divinity amongst men, but our sameness with those who serve Him and Faranohr are what bring us closer to the goal -- wherever we may go, it will become our calling. All it will take for it to reach fruition is the dissolution of the veil. Remove the veil, and all of us will be dreamers made lucid. Our self-awareness, of not only our bodies but also our souls, will become our greatest gift or the most damning curse. Perhaps it will not last long at all. Only the strike will tell. (Subject showed first signs of erratic behavior, pupils dilating with an expression of euphoria as he stared into nothingness on the wall.)

AA: I was meaning to ask why you seem to prefer the usage of war-like or almost feudal connections when discussing these higher powers and their hierarchies. Soldiers, generals, captains? What purpose do they serve? Is there some sort of battle to be fought?

Subject: (Grinned profusely but did not respond.)

AA: You're nearly there, Fysius. A few more questions and you can rest. Just answer the question and you can go back to sleep or whatever you wish. (Subject began twitching erratically.) Fysius?

Subject: (The voice of the subject is now deeper than normal, and his personality takes a turn as well.) I see it all now. And you have no purpose in the grand scheme. You are not the one who was chosen. But we are progress nonetheless. I must tidy up. (Subject stood up, pushing the table in front of him to the side.)

AA: Who is "we"? Who is "chosen"? You need to calm yourself! Guards!

Subject: all. But all is not perfect. You are a false input. I will remove you, to better His chances! (At this point, subject begins reacting violently, picking up his chair and throwing it in the direction of Amara Aelys. Subject was then subdued by guards stationed outside of the door, and following repeated attempts to resist and attack, was killed.)

Subject 23 -- Failure

On the back side of the document, this was written by an unknown scholar, evidently Andorasi, in 313 AC:

I did a bit of research after I got a hold of the document, with a little help from some old Summerlands friends of mine -- cross-referencing all of the accounts I have, it seems that no records of the Strezici Tuvelys Durveni exist, or if they did they've been lost for centuries, but there are a few records of an Amara Aelys popping up sporadically throughout history, particularly in Drakonteia. Apparently she committed suicide not too long after her work into the dreamers; a shame. Could it be connected to this incident where the dreamer goes on about 'channeling energy' and whatnot? It got to her the same way the dreams got to these mages? Some food for thought.

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