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Altea, also commonly referred to as the Southlands or Aeviridus, is a continent located the furthest south of all landmasses of Drakonius. Covered in large swathes of unforgiving jungles, Altea has been seemingly uncharted and unmolested for hundreds if not thousands of years. It is reported that the "local population" have been responsible for keeping bright-eyed explorers and fortune seekers away from the continent, but are apparently not the only dangers that lurk the vast landscape.

"Aeviridus" - Painting by Calydius Spiciani, the title roughly translates to "The Verdant Frontier".


Not much is known about Altea, however there have been several attempts to make landfall and explore the continent for treasures and ancient knowledge. The oldest tales of Altea came from the Drakonian colonies (now city-states) stating that Drakonian scryers were often shown visions of dilapidated docks on the coasts and jade obelisks in the jungles. It is widely believed that the Drakonian Exploratii had vast knowledge on the continent during the days of the Empire but following the Dragon Wars, it is more than likely this knowledge burned away with the peninsula. The most successful landfalls were made by explorers such as Calydius Spiciani, Armel Grimolt and Jac Prytchet whom published the most detailed accounts of the continent to date.