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"We do not bend our knees out of fear, Dragon-King. You could scorch my lands but you'd never conquer them, the moment you and your silver-haired entourage stepped foot in the Marshes you'd die of illness or the creatures that lay within. Nay, I bend my knee because I see hope and a future with you. The lands far and wide are brutal and dishonest with brother killing brother, mothers murdering sons, and more kings then you could shake a stick at. Before I make a promise to you, then you need to make a promise to me, that you'll unite this land and bring forth peace, something Andoras has never seen before. Swear this to me and my House and descendants will honor the oath I take this day, from this day until the end of days."

' (Aistriúcháin to Draegon, asking that he promise to bring peace in order for the Wetlands loyalty.)'

Aistriúcháin Délámhoin III also known by some as 'The Bending Bog' was King of The Wetlands prior to the Dragomari conquest of Andoras. He was the last king to ever claim the title of 'King of the Rivers and Marches, a man only standing at five foot seven inches but was truly the strongest and most intelligent of the kings of the continent at the time.

Aistriúcháin is also regarded as the first King of Andoras to willfully bend his knee to the Dragomari and not put up a fight, and therefore saved the lives of all of their standing forces and peasants alike.