The Age of Creation was an age that began with the start of reality, and ended as the first bits of recorded history started to emerge in the Age of Legends, but due to the superficial nature of this lore, was dubbed exaggerated until the First Era began, when reasonable records began to emerge.

The Age of Creation is known for little else than being the first Age and, by far, the longest. Several tales exist of how the earth came into being, most of which involving the gods personally taking a hand in the creation of the world. They began to quarrel and fight between each other, and they created life to help them combat this. The strikes on the earth were where natural landmarks were created by the blows of their weapons. After all of the gods left behind the world, only the life they created remained, and it survived on into present day. No particularly important events happened during the Age of Creation from mortals -- besides, of course, their rise to civilization and their dominion over the earth, when they slowly pushed out the greater creations of the gods and became the forefront intelligence on Drakonius. This is not well-documented (if at all) in the Age of Creation, however, and it is only assumed as such.

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