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Aenarion Dragomárus, also known as Aenarius Dragomárus was the founder of the prestigious Dragomárus dynasty and the Kingdom of Drakonia. According to legend, it is said he built the shining city of Drakonia with his own hands and molded it together in flames of his dragon's breath. He is also purportedly the first person to have found and hatched dragon eggs and began the tradition of dragon breeding. He is highly admired by the Drakonian peoples and was given the title of Nos Creavitus which translates from Drakonin as "He who created us".


Little is known of Aenarion, and some scholars argue he never even existed. Others say he was a deity, who descended down to earth and started the Dragomárus dynasty (supporters of this theory tend to be Dragomárus or Drakonians), and even others say he was a real man, but a mortal one, who just happened to accomplish enough for him to be recognized as a legend. The typical stance on Aenarion today is that he was real, but not quite the man he was described to be.

He was born in the Age of Legends, probably somewhere near or on the Drakonian peninsula. His early life is shrouded in mystery, but most legends state he grew up as a noble in the clans of Drakonia, and united them by the time he was 18. He found dragon eggs and raised several dragons, the main one being Gavarex, who was puported to be the most powerful dragon to ever exist. He then started his life-long project, the city of Drakonia, and finished and hardened the city's walls with dragonfire. Later on, the clans he united, were now one whole kingdom under his rule. Few questioned him directly, and there were no internal wars during his time as king.

When he was approaching old age, Aenarion heard of a clutch of dragons in the mountains to the north, which may have been the Embergleam Range. He mounted up on his dragon Gavarex, and was never heard from again. It is not known if he found the dragons, or if there ever were dragons to be found. The throne was said to be claimed by his only son.