Aeganar III Dragomárus (195 - 298 AC) of House Dragomárus was a Drakonian-Andorasi king, ruling as the eighth king of Andoras, from 237 AC to 298 AC. His father was Maregor III Dragomárus and his son was Abregor Dragomárus, who was set to become king but died just 3 years before his father. Abregor's son was Aeramor I Dragomárus, who famously died in the Thysian Conflict. He is also the great-grandfather of notorious madman Aeganar IV Dragomárus, a man whose bouts of lunacy led to two revolts, the 326 AC rebellion and 346 AC rebellion respectively, that undermined and eventually led to the kingdom's destruction. Aeganar's reign was marked by most of the Daerod di Piazz, a period of peace in the Kingdom which began when Aeganar was a young child and ended when he was at the venerable age of 88.

He is typically highly celebrated, for holding the kingdom together and for improving the infrastructure of the whole continent. His reign had made Andoras more wealthy than it had been since the reign of Draegon II, bringing trade at an unprecedented level between Andoras and the continent of Doras Edrossi.

The Daerod di Piazz also ended during Aeganar III's reign, culminating in provoking Meyron and bringing forth The Mournare Nights in 286 AC. Aeganar began to deteriorate from a physical condition around this time, and lived infirm and sickly until his death, during which time his grandson Aeramor was the regent of the kingdom.

Preceded by:
Maregor III Dragomárus
King of Andoras

237 - 298 AC
(59 year reign)

Succeeded by:
Aeramor I Dragomárus
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