Academia Faercrest
Vital statistics
Type Academy (Academia)
Level 1-100
Location Southwestern Faercrest, Thyllanor
Inhabitants 80,000
The Academia Faercrest is one of eight prestigious academies; known as Academias; in the world, being one of the most expensive and luxurious Academias of the eight. The Academia does not specialize in any teaching, and is quite proficient in making artisans of anyone in any trade or profession. It was established in 903 BC, the second to last Academia to be founded. It is one of the most popular academies to attend, with over 80,000 confirmed students. The Academia sits on the outskirts of Faercrest, taking up roughly 53 hectares of land with all facilities and owned land combined. Many people have attended the Academia Faercrest and become proficient leaders, and most Karthmeres, if not given a private tutor, have attended the Academia.
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