'Tatters' Richardson
Founder of the Broken Cloaks
Also known as
Died summer of 192 AC (aged 62)
Date of birth
February 11th, 130 AC
Portrayed by
Viliano 'Tatters' Richardson is the man responsible for creating the gang the Broken Cloaks. He alone made the gang out of simple riff raff and brought street urchins and common bandits alike together for common goals and purposes. It was believed that Richardson was a disgraced noble or fleeing fugitive from Andoras, as he was not very fluent in Lavosi Drakonian when he arrived in Lavos in c.168 AC. Within seven years, he had met enough associates and contacts to form his own gang, in a period known as 'The Restless Years' for the Lavosi gang scene; hundreds to thousands of gangs stalked the city streets and the countryside, all looking for a piece of the land to call their own.

Personally, Richardson was known as an odd man, distant from daily life. He met the father of the leader of the Broken Cloaks during the Lavosi Gang Wars, Jorry 'Lavos', who was Jorry 'Ethryke', a famous travelling vagabond-turned-gangster, and a competent minstrel. They reputedly met in 191 AC, when Jorry the Elder would have only been 15.

Not much is known about Tatters, and his true name, Viliano, was only discovered recently, in 349 AC, through two century-old records once thought lost, in the city of Tarhull, The Wetlands, confirming the theory of Richardson being of noble birth and establishing a correct date of birth; February 11th, 130 AC. He died sometime in the summer of 192 AC, now known to have been 62 at the time of his death. After his death, Gordon the Reaver took the position of Grandmaster of the Broken Cloaks.

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